Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is one of our specialties. We use only top quality paint and cleaning materials and take care to ensure that each step of the process is handled with complete professionalism.

Before starting to paint, we:

  • Scrape and sand all loose and peeling paint
  • Spot-prime all bare surfaces with primer
  • Wash or pressure wash chalky areas and mildew
  • Caulk windows and door frames
  • Sand existing glossy paint
  • Remove or mask hardware to protect it from paint
  • Prime wood knots and "saps" with shellac to prevent them from coming through the finish coat
  • Spot-prime rusted metal with rust primer

Once the surface is prepared we:

  • Begin by painting siding and soffits using a spray application and/or back -brushing or back-rolling as necessary
  • Ensure that a full coat of paint is applied to the remaining surfaces, using a brush roller or sprayer for the highest quality finish
  • Paint the trim on windows, door, doorframes, fascia and decorative trim—typically using a brush and/or trim roller

Clean Up

We make sure that we leave your home or business in state in which we found it. That means that we:
  • Remove all masking used in paint preparation
  • Replace all your furniture or equipment moved during the painting process
  • Ensure that all our equipment and materials are removed from your property, and dispose of any garbage, litter or paint chips that have accumulated from the job
  • Leave you with a small quantity of paint so that you can match it for future projects, or use it for touch-ups